Terms & Conditions

This section tells you more about how you can give us your feedback on your experience including any legal requirements that we need to display. It also explains how to make a formal complaint about your experience if we cannot resolve an issue.

We aim to provide the best possible service at all times to our listeners. Things can occasionally go wrong, and you may want to complain. So where do you start? Every organisation has a complaints procedure that provides a clear way for you to raise issues.

We value your comments about the service you have received as they ultimately help us to evaluate and improve the service we provide to our listeners. This section outlines the way in which any concerns, queries and complaints are dealt with at Roch Valley Radio.

The station is independent to the hospital itself, the station is governed by a committee made up of volunteers that include the Chairman, Operations and Accountant that are trustees to the station.


It is our policy to deal with any complaints we receive:

  • objectively and fairly,
  • independently,
  • sensitively and respectfully,
  • And in a timely manner.

If you have a complaint about any of our services please let us know.

Our Complaints Procedure is designed to help you raise any problems, and make sure that:

  • All complaints are recorded and investigated,
  • Every effort is taken to resolve your complaint at an early stage,
  • You are kept informed at every stage,
  • And your complaint will be dealt with in confidence.

We keep careful records of all complaints so that we can be sure that they are properly investigated. We also want to have a clear picture of the kinds of problems customers’ experience. This helps us to improve what is on offer.

There are various ways in which a complaint may be investigated. We will make sure that all those directly involved have a chance to comment. We will also let you know in writing who will be investigating your complaint and who we will need to talk to resolve your complaint.

Every effort will be made to resolve your complaint. We can assure you that your complaint will be treated seriously and that we will learn from the problems that you bring to our attention.


Quick Resolution

We try and support you in solving any queries or concerns, many things can be answered there and then by any of our volunteers.

Speaking to committee or Chairman

In the first instance, you may find it helpful to discuss your query, suggestion or complaint with a member of our committee. They will try to help you with the issues you raise and provide satisfactory answers. If you prefer, you can ask to see the Chairman and / or Operations Director.

Making a formal complaint

If you feel your complaint cannot be dealt with on the spot or it is following your care, you can make a formal complaint to us and we will investigate fully and respond to you in writing or arrange to meet with you.

In writing

Formal complaints should be addressed to:


Roch Valley Radio

Fairfield General Hospital

Rochdale Old Rd



By email

You can email your complaint to us at: chairman@rochvalleyradio.org.uk

Please ensure that you obtain as much information and evidence as you can to support your case, this will then be reviewed by our committee and an outcome will be agreed.


Your details will remain confidential unless you provide your permission for us to disclose them to the relevant people. However, the source and reliability of anonymous complaints will be carefully reviewed by our Operations Director to determine whether they appear to be discriminatory, vexatious or the investigation process is likely to be hindered by a lack of information, before we perform a detailed investigation.

Please note; Complaints may be passed onto the Voluntary Services Department or the Complaints Team within the Pennine Acute Trust depending on the nature of the complaint raised to us at Roch Valley Radio.