General Conduct


Volunteers must wear Pennine Acute Trust identification badges whilst visiting the wards and where appropriate or instructed when representing Roch Valley Radio.


Volunteers must project a tidy appearance and behave in an orderly manner while representing Roch Valley Radio.


When ward visiting, volunteers must:

a) On entering a ward obtain permission from the Ward Sister or person in charge.

b) Ask if there are any patients who may be too ill to be visited or who should be avoided for any other reason.

c) Advise a member of ward staff before changing hand-held radio units.

d) Never interfere with charts, documents or ward equipment.

e) Advise the Ward Sister or person in charge when leaving the ward and thank them for allowing access.

When dealing with patients, members must:

a) Introduce themselves and explain and demonstrate the listening equipment if necessary.

b) Be sensitive, taking into account the patient’s condition and that they may consider being addressed by their forename to be unnecessarily familiar.

c) Be aware of the patient’s right of confidentiality.

d) Be courteous (even if the patient is rude) and thank them for their time on leaving.


Volunteers may not broadcast unless they have been advised that they have successfully completed the demo tape procedure or have been advised in writing that they may broadcast in a specific and detailed manner.

Programming is strictly scheduled. Any person who fails to broadcast the required content or in an inappropriate manner may be subject to disciplinary action. Volunteers will ensure that at all times broadcasting is carried out in an impartial manner with due regard for taste and decency.

Broadcasting will be carried out within the confines of the Codes and Guidelines laid down by Office of Communications (Ofcom) or any other such body that governs broadcasting organisations.


Volunteers will at all times remain impartial to hospital politics.

Volunteers should not enquire into a patient’s illness or patient care.

Volunteers must not make agreements or arrangements on behalf of Roch Valley Radio, but should pass on any queries or suggestions to the appropriate Committee Member.


Volunteers must not enter the studios when the “mic live” light is illuminated and should take care not to make excessive noise in the premises when live programmes are being broadcast.


Volunteers must inform the appropriate Committee member (e.g., the ward-visiting co-ordinator, schedule co-ordinator or sports co-ordinator) personally as soon as possible if it becomes apparent that they will be unable to attend their assigned duties.


Volunteers must not attend whilst under the influence of any intoxicant. Consumption of the same is forbidden on hospital premises.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital including the station’s premises.


Volunteers must not use any of the station’s broadcasting, recording or computer equipment unless they have been trained by the station in its use.


Guests may visit the station only with a Committee member’s prior approval. Such approval must be in writing or by email. The person who invited them will ensure that they are accompanied at all times. Only in exceptional circumstances will guests be allowed to visit the wards in which instance they must wear a visitor’s badge.

Guests’ details must be noted in the station diary. In addition they must sign the visitors’ book.


There is a rota for cleaning the station’s premises. Each volunteer is responsible for helping with the cleaning at the appropriate rostered time and date.


It is the duty of every volunteer to safeguard the security of the premises and the property of Roch Valley Radio. Volunteers must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the premises are properly secured and that property is not left in a vulnerable position.


Volunteers property is left at the stations premises at their own risk.

Removal of the property of Roch Valley Radio from the premises without prior committee approval may be considered theft. This includes CD, records, tapes, prizes, equipment, etc.


Vandalism or any other criminal act will result in disciplinary action and may be reported to the

Pennine Acute Trust and / or the Police.


Volunteers must make themselves familiar with the contents of the Policies And Guidelines section issued to each volunteer and must act within the confines described therein.


Enforcement of these rules will take place under the provisions of the stations Disciplinary Procedure.