Disciplinary Procedure


  • In this document The term “Organisation” will refer to Roch Valley Radio.
  • The term “Committee” will refer to the managing committee of Roch Valley Radio.
  • The term “Member” will refer to any full, associate or probationary member of Roch Valley Radio



Any person found to:

  1. Break the rules of Roch Valley Radio,
  2. Persistently fail to carry out his or her duties in a proper manner,
  3. Have committed a criminal act,
  4. Behave in an inappropriate or irresponsible manner whilst representing Roch Valley Radio should be reported to a Committee Member without delay.



The Committee Member must, as soon as possible, inform the Chairman (or in his or her absence the Secretary or Treasurer) of the circumstances.

If in their opinion the case is of a trivial or less serious nature, the Committee will write to the accused member informing him or her that the circumstances will be discussed at the next scheduled Committee meeting.

If in the opinion of the Chairman (or in his or her absence the Operations Director) the case is of a serious or urgent nature, then they are empowered to suspend the accused member forthwith.

During such suspension the accused member may not visit Roch Valley Radio premises, make contact with any other member or represent the Organisation in any way.

When a member is so suspended, the Committee shall meet in no less than 7 days and no later than 28 days to discuss the circumstances.



The accused member will be invited to address the Committee or to furnish a letter detailing his or her view of the circumstances.

Both the accused member concerned and any member speaking as a witness have the right to be accompanied by a friend, relative or other representative at any meeting, however; the representative cannot be the primary co-presenter that works with the Member under said investigation.

This person must not be connected in any way with the allegation and is there for support.

They may not address the meeting.



Should the member under investigation be a serving member of the Committee, he or she will forfeit the right to attend any private Committee Meeting to discuss his or her particular case.

A suspended Committee member may only attend a Committee Meeting to represent himself or herself as aforesaid.



Thereafter the Committee shall meet in private and after considering all available information, form an opinion as to the nature of the circumstances.

They may decide to:

  1. Dismiss the case or
  2. Take no action or
  3. Administer a verbal warning or
  4. Administer a written warning or
  5. Administer a final warning or
  6. Remove the member’s privileges or
  7. Dismiss the member from the committee (if relevant) or
  8. Dismiss the member from the organisation The result of the proceedings will be notified in writing within 7 days of the conclusion of the disciplinary meeting.



Any person, having been subjected to disciplinary action, may appeal against the decision. Any appeal must be lodged in writing to Roch Valley Radio within 7 days of the confirmed receipt of the written notification of the result of the disciplinary meeting.

This letter must intimate the nature of the basis for the appeal. The basis of any appeal is that there has been some form of miscarriage of justice.

Most commonly, but not exclusively, appeals may be based on a contention that:

  1. There was insufficient evidence to prove the case
  2. The evidence led was of poor or dubious quality
  3. Evidence was wrongly admitted or excluded
  4. There was a procedural irregularity
  5. The committee were misdirected by an individual
  6. The conclusion or verdict was perverse
  7. The disposal or punishment was too severe

The appeal shall be decided by the Chairman of the Organisation or his or her deputy.

Given the independent nature of the person deciding the appeal, it is impossible to impose a restrictive timescale on the appeal process.

However the organisation undertakes to progress the matter as swiftly as possible.

The decision of the person deciding the appeal is final.

The result of the appeal will be notified in writing within 7 days of the conclusion of the appeal.

The Organisation will contact the Pennine Acute Trust with the report of the case and advise the Voluntary Services department of the outcome, it will then be their decision on whether they wish to utilise the volunteers skills elsewhere or remove them from being a Trust Volunteer.



Nothing in this document prevents the Committee of the Organisation from reporting matters of a criminal nature to the appropriate authorities