Computer Usage Policy


This policy sets out the Roch Valley Radio policy regarding the use of computers, e-mail and the internet. The policy applies to any use of computers, e-mail and the internet for Roch Valley Radio and applies to all users.

In the main, this policy refers to the use of the various computers maintained at the Roch Valley Radio premises, but also applies, in certain circumstances, to the use of volunteers’ own personal computer equipment.

The policy is designed to give advice and assistance in both instances whilst accepting that Roch Valley Radio has more limited control over the use of a privately owned computer.

These guidelines are aimed at ensuring that both the individual and the station are adequately protected against misrepresentation and misinterpretation.


The document covers the following aspects of computer use:

  • Operation of the Organisation’s computers
  • E-mail messages
  • Postings to e-mail groups, newsgroups, mailing lists, auction sites and social sites
  • Avoiding viruses
  • Use of the internet

The objective is to set out a code of best practice that will protect Roch Valley Radio from the potentially serious consequences of inappropriate use of the station’s computers and from the inappropriate use of e-mail and the internet. It will establish a framework to ensure that the station gains maximum benefit from the rapid growth in computer, e-mail and internet use.

It also addresses disciplinary action in the event that any person fails to comply with the conditions of the policy and details the warranties and indemnifications applying to those provided with a Roch Valley Radio e-mail account or any account that could be perceived to be a Roch Valley Radio email account.


Computers are an integral part of the operations of the station and are used for library cataloguing, music storage and editing among other tasks. It is imperative that they are treated with respect in order that they can remain available to all.

UK copyright law prohibits the unauthorised reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by principles of fair use or licence. Volunteers may not copy or distribute electronic materials (including electronic mail, text, images, sound files, programmes or data) without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Any responsibility for any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user; the station expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from such use.

Computer software is copyrighted and may not be reproduced. Volunteers may not load their own or any other software onto the stations’s equipment.

Volunteers are not permitted to store any software or other data on the hard drives of the station’s computers or alter the programmes currently installed on the systems.

Volunteers are not permitted to alter settings – either physical or electronic – on any of the station’s computers.

Volunteers are not permitted to connect any flash drives, portable drives, MP3 players or similar devices to any part of the computer network unless specifically authorised by the Chairman.

From time to time the station’s computers may be configured to allow remote control operation and servicing. Use of the remote control facility is confined to the Chairman and those persons or organisations to whom he / she has temporarily permitted access.


This section applies to all volunteers. It applies to all e-mail sent from the computers at Roch Valley Radio and to all e-mail that could be reasonably assumed to have come from the station or from a person representing the station whether sent from a Roch Valley Radio e-mail account or otherwise.

The use of Roch Valley Radio e-mail addresses establishes a more professional corporate identity.

It also allows for redirection of e-mail to a more appropriate recipient, should roles change, or committee members retire, cease to be a part of the station or become unable to collect email for an extended period of time.

In the event that any member who holds a Roch Valley Radio e-mail address becomes aware that they will be unable to respond to Roch Valley Radio related messages for a protracted period of time, they must inform the Chairman in order that their messages may be diverted.

In the event of illness or other unexpected event, it may become apparent that a member is unable or unwilling to deal with their e-mail correspondence. In such circumstances the station reserve the right to divert that person’s Roch Valley Radio e-mail account as it feels fit.

Volunteers allocated a Roch Valley Radio e-mail address may not permit a third party to use their

Roch Valley Radio account or any password. Should any such instance occur then both the account-holding member and the third party will be considered to have violated the policy.

Use of a Roch Valley Radio e-mail address must also comply with the policies and standards of the e-mail service provider.

Every message sent should be “signed” with the sender’s position within the station and a valid return e-mail address.

Volunteers should use a different signature, and if possible, a different e-mail address, for personal messages.

Volunteers using Roch Valley Radio e-mail accounts, must add the following statement to any personal messages: “This message is posted in a personal capacity and does not represent an official communication from Roch Valley Radio.”

Any person using the e-mail facility afforded by the station’s computers or a Roch Valley

Radio e-mail address must ensure that the content is acceptable. Using, transmitting, receiving or seeking inappropriate or illegal content is prohibited. This includes:

  • Defamatory material
  • Pornographic, sexist, racist, discriminatory or otherwise offensive material.
  • Content which is protected by copyright (unless permitted by licence).
  • Links to inappropriate material.
  • Taking part in law breaking activities
  • Impersonating others.

In addition the stations e-mail account may not be used for the private sale or purchase of any item or material without prior approval of the Chairman.


Volunteers who hold a Roch Valley Radio email account do so on the understanding that current virus protection software is installed on the computer or computers concerned.

Always advise the Chairman if you suspect a virus has entered the Roch Valley Radio system.


The station’s computer equipment must only be used for Roch Valley Radio business.

Downloading, uploading, using, transmitting, receiving or seeking inappropriate or illegal content is expressly prohibited. This includes:

  • Content which is protected by copyright.
  • Pornographic, sexist, racist, discriminatory or otherwise offensive material.
  • Defamatory material.
  • Links to inappropriate material.
  • Uploading any virus or other harmful component.
  • Uploading or installing software other than that licenced or approved by the Organisation.
  • Taking part in law breaking activities
  • Impersonating others.

In addition the stations’s internet account may not be used for the private sale or purchase of any item or material without prior approval of Roch Valley Radio.


By activating or using a Roch Valley Radio e-mail address or internet account you are agreeing to follow the rules in this policy and to report any misuse or violation of the policy to the Chairman or Operations Director.

Access to a Roch Valley Radio e-mail address and/or internet account is a privilege and not a right.

Failure to follow this policy may result in the suspension of access to such a facility.

Disregard of this policy may render you liable to disciplinary action within the rules and procedures adopted by the station.

Failure to follow some parts of this policy may also be an unlawful act and may render you liable to criminal or civil prosecution.