Our Chairman

In December 2014, David Murphy became Chairman of Roch Valley Radio following a plea in the local newspaper for ‘new blood’ to take over the station as it was on the road to closure due to lack of volunteers to run and support the station.

David was driven to get Roch Valley Radio back up and running to a successful station. His determination to master the use of the studio equipment and to train other volunteers took months of dedication but has definitely paid off. Working with the hospital on promoting the FREE service the charity provides resulted in both new volunteers and previous returning to the team to help take Roch Valley Radio forward.

At the beginning of 2016, as well as his role of Chairman, the station trustees appointed David as Strategic Director as a secondary role, to focus on furthering and enhancing the service the hospital radio provides to both hospital patients and the surrounding community.

David said “I would like to welcome you to our website and hospital radio station. As you have read about the work I have carried out over the past number of years to develop the station, it couldn’t have been done without the support and dedication from our volunteers.

Some organisations that I’ve previously been a part of have been and still are, stuck in their ways being quite stubborn, the people there don’t like change which forces you to become an outsider. However, while being at Roch Valley Radio, every member of the team, not forgetting each and every person is a volunteer is welcoming, friendly, and the station has a strong family atmosphere wanting to achieve that same end goal, to support people.

The station door is always open looking for new volunteers to come along, whether it’s to be on the radio, becoming a producer, helping with the music library and behind the scenes or coming on the roadshows and promoting the work the hospital radio charity does, there is a role for you!