Self-Exclusion Facility

We understand that members may wish to exclude themselves from Roch Valley Radio Lottery.

Roch Valley Radio is able to help members do this.

Roch Valley Radio provides a self-exclusion facility which enables members to close “accounts” for a minimum period of six months, this can be increased if necessary. If you should wish to self-exclude then please inform the lottery office. You can do this by completing the form below and returning it to the lottery office or you can email supplying your name, address, post code and lottery number along with a request for self exclusion.

If you are paying regularly by credit card you will need to contact the Lottery department in writing to cancel your monthly subscription. If you pay your subscription by standing order you will have to contact your bank to stop payment being made. Please ensure that you have cancelled all payment to the Lottery at Roch Valley Radio.

Any monies outstanding on your unique lottery number(s) will be refunded to you within one week of receiving a request for self exclusion.

When choosing to exclude yourself from the Roch Valley Radio Lottery please address all correspondence to the Head of Lottery, marked private and confidential.