Pike Fold Primary School Broadcast

Pupils from Pike Fold Community Primary School near North Manchester General Hospital visited the Roch Valley Radio studios on Wednesday 15 February.

Pupils worked with the stations volunteers to broadcast the first children’s live radio show at the Trust.

This work is part of the Trust’s Children’s and Young Person’s Experience Committee and its partnership with local schools.

This is an on-going project with the school and follows on from a day in February 2015 when local children were invited in to speak to the Trust’s executive management team and feedback about what improvements and facilities were needed in the children’s wards at Pennine Acute’s hospitals.

The children thought that it would be a great idea to have a children’s radio broadcast, designed by children, for children to listen to whilst they are in hospital.

Staff and patients were able to switch on and tune into the hospital radio via the Hospedia bedside radio channels. The public was also able to download the Roch Valley Radio App onto their tablet or phone device or listen live via the website www.rochvalleyradio.org.uk.


You can listen to the broadcast again here:


The Live broadcast included music, live discussions, interviews, fun facts and quizzes.

The pupils interviewed Dr Shona McCallum, Medical Director at Rochdale Infirmary and Fairfield General Hospital LIVE on the radio.

Joanne McAllister, Volunteer Service Manager at the Trust said:

“We are proud and excited to be working in collaboration with Pike Fold Community Primary School; their vision, drive and determination to improve children’s services at our hospitals has enabled us to support their ideas and make this work happen.”

Dr Suzanne Smith, Assistant Director of Nursing at the Trust added:

“We were really looking forward to listening to this unique radio show designed and delivered by children at Pike Fold School. It shows a growing collaboration with the Trust’s hospitals which is yielding some exciting and refreshing initiatives. The importance of engaging and participating with children and young people as part of our quality improvement and experience agenda cannot be overstated and the process of doing so is educational, informative and fun!”

The children at school have taken up the challenge of planning and putting together their broadcast for children’s radio following workshops with Joanne and the team from the Trust. Some of the children’s exciting ideas include:

The day at the station consisted of a studio tour and explanation of some of the equipment that Roch Valley Radio presenters use, a planning session of what the young people want to happen on the radio, setting up the radio system with the content that’s going to be broadcast and lunch followed by a tutorial in the LIVE studio and then the two hour radio show.

David Murphy, Station Chairman said:

“This has been an exciting opportunity for our volunteers to work with young people to show them the work that goes on behind the scenes each and every day to make enhance the patients experience within the hospital. Most people still don’t know that Hospital Radio is available and FREE to use. Following the excellent feedback from today I hope we can do more in the future within the trust and our local schools”